about me

In short

Education and educational technology enthusiast.

Makers and do it yourself movement follower.

Educational content and book author.

Leadership and business explorer.

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Formal education

I was born in 1988 in Pula, Croatia. I went to high school in my home town and during my education fell in love with digital electronics and microcontrollers. The use of technology in education always fascinated me and, with the help of a few great professors of mine I started developing educational technology tools. Some of my work was presented at international innovation fairs and recognised with multiple awards. This gave me the push I needed to continue my career in this direction.

I studied electronics and automation on the University of Rijeka, Croatia and focused my work on digital electronics and microcontroller system design. During my education I had the opportunity to work closely with the Danube Adria Association For Automation & Manufacturing – DAAAM and organise a number of bigger international symposiums on automation and manufacturing. My focus on education always followed me, so I did research in the field of remote laboratories in engineering education and during my masters thesis research collaborated with the department of electronics at the Politechnic University of Turin, Italy. More about my academic research can be found here.

Formal education

Technical school Pula

Mechatronics technitian 2003. – 2007.


Technical University of Rijeka

Electronics engineering 2007. – 2010.

Technical University of Rijeka
Automation engineering, masters 2010. – 2012.


Technical University Vienna, Austria

CEEPUS, publishing 2011.


Politechnic University of Turin, Italy

ERASMUS, embedded computer systems 2012.

CV and awards

International awards:​

  • Gold meddal for innovations, Worls innovation fair IENA, Nurnberg, 2005.

  • DAAAM international awards for the best team research project on the international symposium on inteligent manufacturing and automation, Vienna, 2011.

  • State award for technical culture "Faust Vrančić", Zagreb, 2018.

CV and more info available here.

Work and projects

During my university days, along with a few colleagues and friends of mine I founded and NGO - Croatian Society for educational technology. 

After graduating I continued my work in education and run my own company, providing educational solutions to clients, mainly the National technical culture association of Croatia. During that time I have developed and produced numerous electronics project kits - ranging from simple kits to learn basic electronics circuitry and soldering to more complex ones like hexapod robot bugs kits.

I also the first book on Arduino in Croatia - more about that here.

For one year I taught electronics, automation and microcontroller systems as a professor in the technical school Pula.


Since 2016 I have been working as an educator, educational projects developer and COO in the Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity.