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Arduino book!

Arduino book!



Dear all, the print shop just sent me a copy of my first book – “Arduino through simple examples”. The book is intended for the elementary school students, but for all the beginners, and all electronics and microcontrollers enthusiasts as well. On 140 pages of this book, and through around 50 examples and exercises, I will lead You through learning about Arduino from the very beginning to some more interesting and complex projecs. I hope you will like the book, and that you will learn a lot from it.


Croatian Association of Technical Culture has decided to offer the book at a promotional price of 50.00 kn in presale. The promotion is valid until 31.10.2015. After that the book will be sold at a price of 70.00 kn. Shipping is included in the price!


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Croatian Makers League

Croatian Makers League

Croatian Makers Leagues is a part of the Croatian Makers project who was launched in the 2014 by the Institute for the development and innovation of young people. The goal of the League is to provide a broad inclusion of robotics, automation and programming in education at primary school age. All participants will receive the necessary robots on loan or in permanent ownership.

230 schools answered the invitation for participation in the Croatian Makers League! All the schools received five mBot robots to work with students and all mentors received a free initial training 🙂 More than a 1000 robots have been distributed throughout Croatia.

More on: http://croatianmakers.hr/croatian-makers-liga/

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